Ken of Chameleon Glass Shares a Little Bit About the History of The Cupboard

We got a chance to speak with Ken of Chameleon Glass a couple years ago in Las Vegas. Ken has a history with Cincinnati and has been doing business with The Cupboard for years.

“Number one, I live on Cincinnati chili. Skyline’s my favorite. All right? Please forgive me. I’m from Cleveland, so don’t hold it against me too much.”

Ken, you are forgiven.

He goes on to explain how Nancy and Phil, the founders and original owners of The Cupboard, helped to familiarize the public with glass pipes back when metal, wood or clay pipes were the norm. You can imagine what folks must have thought about the idea of smoking out of glass. You want me to smoke out of what? People were hesitant to put a flame against a piece of glass and inhale from it. It was totally new.

“She had a way of putting the pipes out, making them so that they were okay, so that shops carried them. People began to understand the whole idea of how color change worked and why glass was better.”

Together, Nancy and Phil placed the pipes on velvet-lined shelves in antique cupboards, with lighting installed to give the pipes a sparkling appeal and highlighting the natural beauty of colored glass. This practice of displaying glass pipes in a positive way really shed a new light on the medium and helped to establish the use of the functional glass industry.

“…one of the few people who actually institutionalized the idea of using a glass pipe was actually Nancy and Phil from The Cupboard in Cincinnati. If you’re watching this [interview video] at the store right now, you’re actually participating in the ongoing history of glass pipes in our business. Make sure to enjoy and know that you’re part of where it all started.”

Check out the full interview here:

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