Canada’s Potential Legalization Plans – New Precedent Would Effect International Laws

After the Liberal Party’s recent electoral victory in Canada, many are looking forward to an enormous change in drug policy – marijuana legalization.

An end to prohibition was actually a strong selling point in the Liberal’s campaign. They promised to legalize and regulate marijuana and stated that the current system of prohibition does not work.

If Canada were to go through with full legalization, it would be an important milestone for the country and for the world. For one, no developed country has fully legalized marijuana – the only country to do so has been Uruguay, a small developing country. Furthermore, it could send ripples across the international system of drug policy. This is due to the network of treaties that effectively make the war on drugs a global effort. Marijuana legalization in Canada would imply that these international policies need to change. And if the international policies did indeed change, it could pave the way for other countries to legalize marijuana on a national level – including the United States.

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