The Cupboard’s Second Live Glassblowing Event for Charity – The Returndem of Burndem II – Recap Video

On Sunday, October 18th 2015, The Cupboard and hosted a benefit featuring live glassblowing demonstrations as well as live music. The event benefited the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity which helps returning veterans recover from the various wounds of war, both visible and invisible. We also had special guest SS Vape at the event to promote their vaporizer products. SS VAPE is a premier vaporizer company based in New England which already surpasses the FDA requirements for E-Cigarette vaporizers. The Cupboard and are the exclusive providers of SSVAPE products in the Midwest.
The event was held at Hoebo Garden, which is just a couple doors down from our brick-and-mortar shop, The Cupboard. Hoebo Garden is a collaborative lawn venue nestled in between Hangover Easy (a fusion of breakfast diner and craft beer bar) and Bogart’s (a historic live music venue operated by Live Nation).

The glassblowing demonstrations were done by a glass art collective known as the Burndem Crew, which consists of Migoo, Bry, Ites, Pat Hager, Kvon, and Justin Davis. Burndem has Cincinnati roots, with 4 of their members still residing in the Queen City. Kvon and Justin (also known as Downwinds Glass) traveled from Arizona and Colorado, respectively. During the event, the artists all created different glass sections which were combined to create one piece, essentially a 6-man collaboration water pipe.

The Burndem Crew (minus Pat) posing with Nikki from The Cupboard

The Burndem Crew (minus Pat) posing with Nikki from The Cupboard

The event was a total success. People came, the bands rocked, and the pipemakers crafted some beautiful glass art before a live audience. The glassblowers’ torches were set up on Hangover Easy’s patio, with food and beverages available right inside. And despite the chilly weather and a coinciding Cincinnati Bengals football game, there was a great turnout, including a couple local artists who brought all their gear out for some live painting, and a family brought an array hula hoops for folks to dance with, it was a lively scene.

The Cupboard conducted a silent auction at the event for the cause which included a water pipe with a gridded percolator, donated by Pulse Glass, and many other items from The Cupboard. We later held an auction on  our Instagram page for the pipe that was created at the event. The combined proceeds from these auctions, along with ticket sales, really went a long way to helping a great cause. We are proud to have worked together with the community and with  local artists to raise a significant contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project. Ultimately, The Cupboard and its sponsors donated $1,150 to the Wounded Warrior Project. Quite a success!!

The Cupboard and CupboardGlassPipes would like to give a big thanks to everyone who came out to support our veterans as well as local artists! We can’t wait to do it again next year.

Check out and share The Returndem of Burndem II Video Recap of the event with the glass artists doing their thing.

Here are some photos of the resulting pipe:

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