Dank Memes: December Edition

Once a month we’re going to start dumping a quantity of the best memes and funny images from around the internet – especially stuff that pertains to functional glass and the cannabis community! For your stoned viewing pleasure; have a laugh, enjoy!



After his surprising realization, he stopped in at The Cupboard and we hooked him up with a fresh glass pipe.


Sometimes red eyes isn’t the only thing that gives you away.


Its just so inconsiderate! But just remember… we all started somewhere and we all had to learn this at some point.


Not sure if they actually fixed the problem… that would still be a sweet sign to have hanging up in your designated smoking room!


PSA: Your tolerance is not a competition. Don’t be wasteful!


We’re always trying to education folks about everything that’s wrong with glass pipes from China. This picture is funny but remember, no need to condescend! We all learned at some point.


HA! Classic… Sidenote: if anyone is having with terminology used on our website, click here to check out our Glossary of Glass page!


Sometimes God gets highdeas too.


Awesome subtle joke in this Pokemon game… (Pokemon Red?)


Apparently. Who’s your favorite bearded pipemaker? 


Not even once.


That’s a dead giveaway! BUSTED!


Another Hank Hill meme for you. All of our employees can relate to this. We take pride in our work like Hank!


Bad timing…


Marketing genius.



Dude let me try it!!! Its always so exciting.

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